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Despite my Devonshire heritage, I'd never spent much time in the village of Dunsford - let alone heard of the boutique hotel that resides there, Weeke Barton. Hidden away in rolling hills, just outside of Exeter, this modernistic country retreat stands - ready to welcome it's travelling inhabitants with a big, cosy hug.

Owned by two ex-Londoners (a restaurant manager and a graphic designer), Jo and her husband Sam have done a fantastic job at transforming this historic property - keeping all the period features, but balancing out with plenty shaggy rugs, soft cushions and injections of colour.

Branding itself as a "home from home", Weeke Barton certainly does succeed at offering a relaxed environment for it's guests - the type of place where you'd feel 100% comfortable walking around in your slippers whilst sipping on a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon. Got kids? Dogs? Ney problem - they're totally invited too because Weeke Barton isn't biased, meaning EVERYONE can enjoy this informal yet trendy Devon destination. Better yet, Jo and Sam even provide a full two course dinner should you wish to take advantage of fully being on holiday - I mean, who doesn't?

Whether you're looking to book a room for a weekend, or even the whole house - spark your love for Devon by treating yourself to the full Weeke Barton experience on the way, you won't regret it.

Visit the Weeke Barton website

* Scroll to the bottom for my YouTube vlog about my stay.




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