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If you hadn’t noticed, we seem to be experiencing a huge ginaissance at the moment –sweeping the nation one balloon glass at a time. What appeared to be a Prosecco trend last year has been quickly surpassed by this botanical spirit, with artisan distilleries popping up in every direction. But above the alcoholic noise, there’s one name (and bottle) that's standing out among the rest.

A few weeks ago, I popped up to the Bramley & Gage distillery – home to Bramley & Gage themselves, as well as the popular 6 O’Clock gin. A short trip from the centre of Bristol, the distillery offers bespoke tours around the warehouse – offering informative insights into the company production line – as well as vital sample testing.

What began as a small scale project in South Devon, Bramley & Gage has now become one of the most successful independent gin producers in the UK. With additional help from owner and unrivalled expert distiller, Edward Kain – the brand are known for their quality product (and blue bottles of course). Specialising in fruit liqueurs, sloe and regular Gin – there’s plenty to pair up with to make your favourite tonic or cocktail of choice.

The 6 O’clock Gin Distillery Tour lasts about an hour and a half, giving great insight into the production processes and the history behind the name. Not only do you discover how B&G craft their delicious artisan whole-fruit liqueurs, but you’ll also learn the secrets behind their delicious sloe and damson gins too.

You’ll also be introduced to Kathleen, the distillery’s gorgeous ‘double sphere’ copper still – a definite Instagram-worthy post. Along with all the behind the scenes access, you’ll also be invited to smell and sample some of their most popular products – all rounded off with an icy cold G&T to finish.

So, in a day and age where food provenance is more popular then ever, why not invest some time in getting to know the processes (and copper still) behind your beloved bottles of 6 O'Clock Gin. Not only will you be able to sample some of the best artisan gin in the business, but you'll come away readily equipped with industry knowledge to impress your food-centric friends!

Not bad for a Saturday afternoon, right?


When: The 6 O’clock Gin Distillery Tour takes place at 1pm and 3:30pm on selected Saturdays, and at 1pm on selected Sundays. It lasts for 1 ½ hours, so for those who aren’t driving, I advise booking your taxis for 2:30pm or 5pm depending on your chosen day.

Where: Bramley and Gage Ltd., C6 Ashville Park, Short Way, Thornbury, BS35 3UU.

How Much: Admission is £25 and includes a large 6 O’clock Gin & Tonic and various samples of our liqueurs. At the end of the tour you can keep your “copa” 6 O’clock Gin & Tonic glass (worth £6).


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