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If you didn’t already know, Chandos Road is Redland’s foodie district – if a 100m stretch of road can count as a district, that is. In good company of the Michelin starred Wilks and Wilsons, New Zealand inspired Otira and newbie watering hole A Good Measure – this area requires it’s own page in your Bristol food checklist.

When I started seeing the signs outside of the vacated No Man’s Grace a few months ago, I was intrigued. Knowing the “rep” Chandos Road has created for itself, I knew this had to be something exciting. At the time, Snobby’s wasn’t giving much away – just a chalkboard outside teasing a social media account. Naturally, I followed my Instagram initiative to find out more – discovering a reel of behind-the-scenes content unveiling who and what was driving the creation of this new Italian-inspired eatery.

When Nick (the brains behind Snobby’s) invited me to come and visit the restaurant and try out the menu – I was thrilled. Embarrassingly, I can only admit to visiting one of the above eateries listed (which is relatively shocking considering I live within a 20m radius), so what better way to address the situation than with a visit to the areas latest addition.

Snobby’s describes themselves as “a casual Italian dining in a relaxed environment serving pizza, small plates and sharing platters”. They’ve also taken the time to curate a very special selection of wines – instead of offering this out on paper to guests, Nick and Co prefer to tailor this to your menu choices and flavour preferences. A little feature that makes this place extra special.

Small plates are varied, offering something for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike – their pizzas are even gluten-free (albeit, still fantastic), using a secret dough recipe made by their in-house chef. As my partner (in life and in food) James and I are a mixture of all the above, we asked Nick to pick a selection of his favourites.

(Olive, roasted red pepper and tomato salad with homemade croutons)

(Nduja Scotch egg with mushroom "ketchup")

(James post-Scotch egg)

(Taleggio and Sundried Tomato Arancini Balls)

(Salt & Pepper tempura calamari)

(White chocolate panna cota with caramel sauce)

(Vegan chocolate and orange mouse - buried underneath the fruit. This was a highlight!)

A little gem in the heart of Redland, Snobby’s will offer you a mix of authentic Italian flavour - in a relaxed, boujie setting. Guaranteed to impress even the most devote of food lovers, this is an independent that’s worth going off the usual well-trodden Bristol tracks for.

Visit Snobby's website here.


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