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Fresh off the plane from Heathrow (well, four days later and not actually that fresh) and it’s official – I’ve fallen completely in love with New York City.

I know what you’re thinking, what a modern day millennial cliché – but hear me out.

Like others before me and certainly more to come, I’ve realised it’s pretty much impossible to dislike this buzzing American hot spot – unless you’re opposed to cultural vibrancy, good food, diversity and beautiful architecture. Maybe I’m biased – I am admittedly still enduring a post-holiday high, but still - something’s stuck.

Though this wasn’t my first trip to New York, I definitely saw the city through a different set of eyes this time around (eyes seven years older and more creased) – and I’m very happy to share with you some of the places, experiences and flavours that made this trip so wonderful.

So, to keep it short and sweet (just like my encounter) – please see below a collection of my favourite moments.


Stomping over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Trying to be trendy among the Bushwick Collective street art.

Chowing down on infamous pizza from Roberta's, Bushwick.

Glugging expensive cocktails at the Rockefeller Center - the views are worth the $25 beverages.

Cruising the ferry to Staten Island.

Hunting down Oat Milk Flat Whites at Dweebs coffee house, Bushwick.

Re-igniting my love for salmon steaks at Sea Wolf, Brooklyn.

Topping up my culture-cred at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Bagel Bashing at the Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co.

Breathing in the 'moment' in Times Square.

Disobeying all non-photography rules at Output - sorry Seth Troxler.


If any of the above images are enough to tempt you to book an impulsive trip, may I send my best (and most envious) wishes.

Until next time NYC.

A x


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