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I've been practising the same morning ritual for a couple of years now, and I think it's safe to say without it - my early starts wouldn't quite be the same. Having an everyday routine is an important factor in staying motivated and inspired to start (and finish) the day right, so lets crack on and let me share with you what's on my morning checklist... - First thing I do when I wake up is go downstairs and make myself a large pint of warm water and freshly squeezed lemon. Lemon is great for alkalising the body and preparing the digestive system for the first meal of the day. It's important to top up your levels of h20 as soon as you wake up as you'll have been resting for several hours and be very dehydrated. Aim for anywhere between 1 pint to 1ltr.

- After sipping on my water, I like to take five minutes to sit quietly at the end of my bed and meditate. Since starting my health coaching course and yoga practice, my eyes have been opened to all the wonderful benefits of daily meditation - and getting this in first thing is a really good way of feeling mentally and physically calm before the daily rush begins. Simply sit/lie somewhere peaceful and comfortable, and breathe deeply in and out - trying to focus purely on the rhythm of your breath, clearing any busy or negative thoughts from your mind. - Next, I like to jot down in a journal what my goals are for the day and how I'll go about achieving them. Its also nice to note down things that you are feeling particularly grateful for that day, whether it be a new job you're about to start, the relationships in your life or an exciting adventure you're embarking on - reminding yourself of how lucky you are puts a whole lot of things into perspective. - I then go downstairs and make myself a nourishing breakfast. This usually consists of either a green smoothie, gluten free porridge or some freshly made granola with nut milk - whatever you feel like, as long as its STRIP'D approved! (More healthy recipes can be found on other posts)

- This leaves me to the last part of my morning routine, body brushing. If I've been to the gym or done a power yoga class, i'll complete this next step after i've finished- if not, then i'll skip straight to this. I've already written a post on why more people should incorporate body brushing into their everyday lives, so i'll try not to repeat myself. Taking five minutes (or longer if you can bear it) to body brush can work wonders for your lymphatic system, skin texture and cellulite woes - not to mention it leaves you feeling truly invigorated! Be sure to brush onto dry skin to take advantage of all the wonderful benefits :) So there we have it, my everyday morning mantra. Obviously, I understand that not everybody will have the time to fit in all of these steps - but even by adding in just a couple will get you ready to attack the day with full force. Set that alarm five minutes earlier and give it a go! A x


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