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I've been body brushing for about two years now, and I absolutely love it. It's become part of my everyday morning routine, and now I wouldn't go without it! It's a great way of removing dead skin cells, getting rid of waste from your lymphatic system and stimulating circulation flow (ideal for those stubborn areas of cellulite). Body brushing also allows you to tune in with your body. Setting aside 5-15 minutes in the morning/evening to complete this process gives you some quite time to yourself and lets you pay special attention to any neglected areas you would normally ignore during regular exfoliation i.e: elbows, ankles, backs of arms, stomach. Make this time even more relaxing by putting on some calming music and lighting some of your favourite scented candles or essential oils. One fundamental lesson I'm learning during my course is that loosing weight and leading a happy relationship with your body isn't all down to the foods you eat. You could be the healthiest person in the world, but if your life is out of balance in other aspects such as career, relationships, spirituality and finance - then all your hard efforts will be wasted. It's important to work on these 'primary foods' first, so that you are in a healthy mindset to make long, withstanding changes to your diet.

TIPS: - It's important to use brush strokes towards the heart. Our lymph vessels only have 'one-way' valves, and so stroking away from the heart places strain on them - therefore cancelling any benefits all together! Start with your feet and work your way up, taking extra care around thinner areas of skin. - Invest in a good quality, plant bristle brush. Not only will this prevent you from any 'scratchiness', but your brush will last longer! - Only use a DRY brush on dry skin - Follow this process by a warm shower, this enables all the positive effects of the body brushing on the skin to really penetrate deeper into the body. So, if you're going to make one change to your health today - go out and get yourself one of these! If you do this everyday for a month, I promise you will see and feel the difference! Have a lovely weekend! A x


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