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Usually, healthy breakfast ideas are one of the most common things that people tend to struggle with from day to day. We find ourselves either reaching for a slice of toast, a bowl of sugar ridden cereal or sometimes just a coffee to go. The first meal of the day should be something filling, nutritious and most importantly - EXCITING! It may add an extra few minutes to your morning routine, but with a pinch of organisation and a dash of motivation - anything is possible. Quinoa is a great alternative to regular oat porridge. Naturally gluten-free, this little seed is rich in fibre, protein and minerals - no wonder its dubbed the holy grail of all other grains. It takes about 10-15 minutes to cook properly, and the outcome is deliciously thick and nutty. You can choose to top your porridge with anything, be creative! In this recipe I've added some pear, rice syrup to sweeten, mixed nut butter and a cacao/banana/chia mix I had made the day before. Simply cook the quinoa to the instructions, adding a little more milk/water if needed. Finish by topping with your favourite extras- experiment with smooth and crunchy textures until you find your perfect combination. A x


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